Napoleon and Babe Trotter


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“Get back beast!” The man shrieked. A small silver pen knife in his hand, “Or I’ll turn you into sausages!”
“Don’t worry girl,” A basso voice rumbled as a large hand firmly grasped the pig’s collar, “Nobody is turning you into sausages. He’ll do well on our farm.”
The cornered man with a pen knife looked confused, “Oh I’m just passing through, I don’t need a job.”
A female voice intruded, “He’ll do, Napoleon, he looks… qualified,” she licked her lips.
“I said, I don’t need a job, I have a job, I’m a graphic artist – why would I want to work on a pig farm?” He still gripped the pen knife tightly.
“Oh, I wouldn’t call it work, and anyway, Stonegrave isn’t a pig farm, no,” Napoleon smiled, flashing his black teeth, “No, this is a long pig farm.”

2 finely detailed miniature figures.
41 – Napoleon Trotter
42 – Babe Trotter

Material: Made To Order Resin.
Scale: Approximately 28mm to the eyes.
Supplied unpainted and unassembled.
Intended for adult gamers and collectors, not suitable for children.
28mm Resin Miniature by MEP Miniatures.


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