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Look upon me, and despair!

The thieves had penetrated the inner cloister, their hunt for the legendary airship felt almost at a close. Suddenly a monk burst through the door, the thieves rapidly drew their weapons. “Travellers?!” The monk shrieked in terror, “What are you…,” but he was turned from the thieves – he was scared, yes, but not of the thieves, “Oh my God, no! He’s here!”

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Eggs Marks the Spot

Eggs, especially ones in well designed boxes, are a valuable resource – they can feed a family, mark a religious holiday or be used to send a message. Whatever their purpose, they are a prize worth fighting for and maybe the perfect bait for a perfect trap.

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Monkey: Journey to the Wasteland

Many have foretold the apocalypse – the day when things fall apart and anarchy is loosed upon the world. When that day arrived it felt like a prophecy was being fulfilled and it was natural that some would feel that now was their time to assume a holy mantle.

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Hello Floppy, My Old Friend.

“Hey Ploppy, see you later!”

Introducing Ploppy and Floppy – indistinguishable entertainers from the before times, can they work as a team to survive the apocalypse or has the time come for one of them to retire? They come with a range of hand/arm options for a range of gameplay scenarios.

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New Shop!

Welcome to the new shop.
It’s fully live – payments should work and orders will be delivered.

Hopefully everything works, please use the contact form or reach out on social media if it doesn’t.

Please also try the code TEST15 and check it will give you 15% off (until 13th February 2023).

EU customers should still use the Etsy Store to avoid import charges.