East Wolds Robotics – Complete Set


“The East Wolds Robotics build team is a well oiled machine. Tubbs and Zena skillfully craft the lifelike skin over the rigid endoskeleton, Sam uses high-tech spray finishes to complete the effect and Propper… wait, what does Propper do? Lovely guy, but what are we actually paying him to do?”

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This bundle contains Birth of a New Intelligence, Build Team, Maria Production Line and Continual Improvement, plus an exclusive East Wolds Sign and a number of additional parts.

Contains the following finely detailed miniature figures:

049 – Geoff
050 – Arkwright
051 – Zena (Face and beaker options)
052 – Tubbs
053 – Propper
054 – Sam (Spray gun and scanner options)
Arkwright’s Tools

E04A – A Frame x5
E04B – Beam x4
E04C – Controller x4
E04D – Metal Maria x1
E04E – Skull Maria x1
E04F – Skinned Maria x1
E04G – Finished Maria x1

055 – Bryan (Reclining Casualty)
056 – Recharging Maria
057 – Awakened Maria
058 – Killer Maria
059 – Johnny
060 – Maria and Neil

East Wolds Sign
3x Miniature Tubs
2x Robot Skull Sprues

Material: Made To Order Resin.
Scale: Based on a human figure measuring approximately 28mm to the eyes.
Supplied unpainted and unassembled.
Intended for adult gamers and collectors, not suitable for children.
28mm Resin Miniature by MEP Miniatures.


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