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Eggs Marks the Spot

Eggs, especially ones in well designed boxes, are a valuable resource – they can feed a family, mark a religious holiday or be used to send a message. Whatever their purpose, they are a prize worth fighting for and maybe the perfect bait for a perfect trap.

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Monkey: Journey to the Wasteland

Many have foretold the apocalypse – the day when things fall apart and anarchy is loosed upon the world. When that day arrived it felt like a prophecy was being fulfilled and it was natural that some would feel that now was their time to assume a holy mantle.

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Hello Floppy, My Old Friend.

“Hey Ploppy, see you later!”

Introducing Ploppy and Floppy – indistinguishable entertainers from the before times, can they work as a team to survive the apocalypse or has the time come for one of them to retire? They come with a range of hand/arm options for a range of gameplay scenarios.