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Do you wanna paint a snowman? How to get one for free in time for Christmas.

We’re doing a free Christmas miniature thing – the resin version is free with at-cost postage and there’s a free STL available too. No catches or obligations, just pay postage (charged at what it costs me). It just feels cooler than paying for boring Facebook adverts. Thanks for looking! ⛄

Last orders for Christmas this year is likely to be Sunday the 17th to get Royal Mail First class to a UK address – but please get in early to avoid possible disappointment.

I’ve also got a DPD next day option which is usually super fast and generally reliable, but it’s a bit pricey! Please include a phone number if you select DPD, as they require one for me to dispatch the order.

Also available as a free STL from the Cults page

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What do you fear most on the North Moor?

The travellers rested, as the wind whistled across the empty vastness of the North Moor. Each year the Moor seemed to expand further beyond the horizon, and the colours in the sky above became ever more vibrant. Then suddenly, the travellers realised that though they were isolated, they longer alone. Silently, as if they had somehow grown from the ground itself, the unstoppable Moorwalkers were already upon them.

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Eggs Marks the Spot

Eggs, especially ones in well designed boxes, are a valuable resource – they can feed a family, mark a religious holiday or be used to send a message. Whatever their purpose, they are a prize worth fighting for and maybe the perfect bait for a perfect trap.

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Monkey: Journey to the Wasteland

Many have foretold the apocalypse – the day when things fall apart and anarchy is loosed upon the world. When that day arrived it felt like a prophecy was being fulfilled and it was natural that some would feel that now was their time to assume a holy mantle.

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Hello Floppy, My Old Friend.

“Hey Ploppy, see you later!”

Introducing Ploppy and Floppy – indistinguishable entertainers from the before times, can they work as a team to survive the apocalypse or has the time come for one of them to retire? They come with a range of hand/arm options for a range of gameplay scenarios.