Igor Piaget and Ursula Davenport


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“This will be our garden, Igor,” Ursula said, looking out over the glade. Her vision from the previous night was still strong in her memory – of green hills and white flowers, creatures great and small living together in a perfect and finely balanced ecosystem. They would have peace and friends and stability. Such a dream was worth fighting for, “The destroyers must fear us, Igor. This must be protected no matter the cost.”

2 finely detailed miniature figures.
031 – Ursula Davenport
032 – Igor Piaget

Material: Made To Order Resin.
Scale: Approximately 28mm to the eyes.
Supplied unpainted and unassembled.
Intended for adult gamers and collectors, not suitable for children.
28mm Resin Miniature by MEP Miniatures.


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