Female Heads – 28mm Scale


Female heads from the Modular Tunnel Guard set, available separately for conversions.

These heads most modern 28mm scale miniatures*.

Larger heads for Primanus Space Soldiers are also available.

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Please select an option:

23 – 12 heads with Hair
2B – 12 heads supplied Bald

Material: Printed Resin.
Scaled for use with typical 28mm miniatures.

*Please note: 28mm is not a real standard. They will fit the majority of modern sculpts, but may appear small on older models or large on more realistic sculpts.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.
Intended for adult gamers and collectors, not suitable for children.
28mm Resin Miniature by MEP Miniatures, not affiliated with, or endorsed by, anyone else.

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28mm Smaller, 28mm + Heroic

Hair style

With Hair, Bald


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