The Tumid River

The river flows from its source, somewhere high in the hills of the North Moor - where the mutant beasts roam, then meanders through the wastelands - where zealots and mercenaries wander, and finally flows through Everytown - the last town on Earth, where life goes on as it has always done.

A while ago, there was an incident. Depending on who you ask, it could have been an attack, a natural disaster or a scientific experiment running out of control. It feels recent, but also ancient history - there's no sense in dwelling on it. We need to take it on the chin, to keep sight of what’s important and to keep doing what we do best, in spite of the circumstances.

The North Moor

Following the incident, those most affected by the plague that followed found themselves isolated on the North Moor. Their fledgling communities grew into tribes and they occupied various military sites, mysteriously left empty. At night strange sounds were heard coming from the numerous ventilation shafts that puncture the Moor, and rumours of a Beast beneath began to circulate, then of a King Under the Moor and a secret room behind a great door.

The Wasteland

The Wasteland was once home to many farms and factories. In the lead up to the incident, large quantities of food and supplies were stockpiled. These support an itinerant and varied community of wanderers and mercenaries, and provide rich pickings for raiding parties from the North Moor.


The inhabitants of Everytown look forward to everything getting back to normal. Nobody has heard from London for a while, but there is a common belief that everything is going to be alright and all this will blow over. Until then, the important things are to keep fit, water the garden and fend of the mutant attacks that seem to be ever increasing in frequency, although they do come in waves, so this can’t last forever.